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Voice Instructor: Christine Gibbons

For Adults, Teens and Children

Our Voice instruction focuses on the genre of contemporary music such as Pop, R&B, Musical Theater, etc.

If you love singing, then you should love your lessons. Lessons with Christine are fun, challenging as well as enriching.

Instructions will include:

  1. Light stretching exercises to reduce tension and relax muscle that can block good vocal production and vocal freedom.

  2. Carefully listen to, accessing and giving you feedback about your vocal potential and growth

  3. Identifying vocal range and limitations

  4. Proper vocal techniques with respect to pitch, tonality, durability, flexibility and posture

  5. Selecting music collaboratively that suites your tastes and ability

  6. Working with professional backing tracks like many contemporary artists in the industry

  7. Lyrical interpretation with respect to performance

  8. Sharing the understanding of vocal anatomy and how it affects singing

  9. Allowing you to tape record lessons for practice purposes

  10. Comfortable environment where asking questions are encouraged and making mistakes are simply part of the learning process

  11. Teaching and practicing good vocal health, including the need to drink water and monitor the speaking voice

  12. Building confidence as a singer and performer

As much as Christine loves teaching and building relationships with voice students in her studio, she does not believe lessons should be limited to the classroom. The training process may include performing small venues for family and friends to acquaint to the student to performing in front of an audience. Christine’s goal is to teach student who have a desire to perform, the necessary rudiments of singing and performing so he/she can go into the world and shine as a polished singer.


2-4-1 Mobile Music 4 Tots is a comprehensive weekly music program

being offered to local Day Care Facilities within the Queens, NY area. Our

goal is to offer  affordable music instruction to local centers that

lack the resources to provide a traditional music program.

Our program is designed to instill creativity, offer exposure, encourage

exploration and the enjoyment of music. Our music program follows the

standards of MENC (Music Educators National Conference); which

includes five key musical components identified by MENC as essential for

musical development in young children.

These essentials are: singing, listening, moving, playing, and creating.

Each of our music classes will include a variety of musical styles on

pre-recorded CDs and live performance. Musical activities will include, but

are not limited to singing, rhythm, pitch exploration, movement and music

and the use of age appropriate musical instruments.  One of our many

objectives is to enhance fine motor skills, imagination,

sensory and rhythm using music.

Mobile Music 4 Tots  offers weekly progressive music instructions that  

last approximately 30 minutes for each session. Our program operates

from late September through mid June.